Escape From Tarkov’s Update 0.8 with a slight delay, do not despair, it will still deploy today!

If you have been eagerly waiting for the Escape From Tarkov 0.8 to deploy, you have to be patient and wait a bit more. As Nikita, Battlestate Games’ CEO has stated just a while ago on Klean’s stream, and the patch will still be deployed today. However, the developer team is facing some issues and is having a bit difficulties in deploying the patch.

According to Nikita, this is the most critical patch so far, because it will enhance the foundation of the game. It is also an upgrade that shall allow the developers to include any necessary content into the game with ease.

If you’d like to listen to Nikita’s Report by yourself, check the video down below:

Watch BSG Report on the New 0.8 Update | !patch !bsg from Klean on

This has been happening due to countless of enhancements the team has performed in this 0.8 update, which should have a massive impact on the game’s performance. Higher FPS, smoother gameplay, etc. Everyone is hyped because of the changes the 0.8 will bring, and there’s no point to increase the frustration level at all.

The patch will still deploy today, and there’s nothing else to argue about. This is roughly the first time a patch is taking this long to implement, and Battlestate Games feel sorry about it.

Furthermore, Nikita has stated that there may be some new bugs out there, so if you encounter any of them to please use the bug report option through the launcher and tell BSG what have you experienced.

Everyone’s excited mostly because of the new Face Hitbox implementation, new magazine loading and a couple of new weapons.

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