Days Gone won’t be just another Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Game

We have witnessed the first discoveries of Days Gone, which undoubtedly looked quite amazing. However, the developer has something else to share, and that is the included “need of existence.” It makes the game sound like a hardcore survival rather than just another post-apocalyptic Zombie shooter game.

Days Gone won’t be just another Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Game

As we’re getting closer to its release date (despite the fact there’s no exact one), it appears that the developer has opened and shared some great news regarding the game. The first one to experience the knowledge was GameInformer, which probably holds further and future info about the game.

They have visited the developers and asked them few essential questions. You can watch their short video down below:

The pandemic occurrence in this game replaces the human species with something more dangerous. Namely, Zombies, but after performing a more in-depth analyze, they are not just ordinary ones. It appears that they’ll have their momentum as well. The zombies are also known as Freakers, and they’re here to dismember the remains of the humans. On the other side, the humans, as usual, are seeking help and survival.

If you firmly remember the first discovery trailer, there was a distinct moment where the main character, needed to place dynamite to distract and snug around the horde of zombies. Therefore, we genuinely assume the game will offer crafting mechanics, allowing players to use scraps and metals to build their tools.

Having no exact release date puts us in a position to assume, while the game director has noted that the game will be more about survival than anything else. The statement surprised all the fans since judging by all of the received materials everyone was guessing it will be yet another post-apocalyptic action shooter full of Gore and brutal visuals. Well, luckily, we can now confirm that Days Gone will offer more than just raw zombie gameplay.

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