Bend Studio is working on AAA live service game

As per the job listing, they require expertise in LIVE OPERATIONS.

The brains behind that awesome zombie ride, Days Gone, are switching gears big time. Forget those solo playthroughs we’re all used to. they’re gearing up for the big leagues with AAA live service games. It’s like they’re dropping new stuff for gamers to dive into, making every day a new adventure.

Bend Studio is on the the prowl for a lead project manager. They need someone who’s got the magic touch for keeping games as exciting as, way after everyone’s first play. It’s all about guiding the ship from those first “what if” ideas to making sure gamers never wanna leave.

Jumping into live service games is a whole new chapter for the folks at Bend. It’s not just about launching a game and calling it a day. It’s about creating worlds that keep growing, that keep gamers coming back for more. They’re dead set on not just throwing updates out there but building a community where everyone’s part of the story.

Peeking at their job posting, it’s clear as day, Bend’s done with the old school and ready to keep their games alive and kicking online. For fans of Bend’s epic tales, like Days Gone, this might sound a bit out of left field. Bend’s leap into live service games is bold, no doubt about it. They’re aiming to stay on top of what gamers want, delivering non-stop fun and fresh experiences.

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