16 Mins of Battlefield 5 Gameplay Footage with Ray Tracing Enabled

We all lean towards a turned off RTX rather than turned on, because when it comes to competitive gameplay, the performance may suffer, which may bring players in quite a rough situation. Well, most of the times, yes, but witnessing next-level reflections thanks to the Ray Tracing technology could also improve the gameplay experience, allowing players to see even the tiniest details, which may serve as indicators of the next possible scenario.

Therefore, performance is much appreciated, but sometimes the apparent advantage may be more than useful. Thanks to a new video uploaded by SkilledRebuilds, the Nvidia RTX 2080TI serves more than better, without even because it is better by double the performance of the GTX 1080Ti.

The video posted by SkilledRebuilds, showcases 16 minutes of gameplay footage with Ray Tracing enabled, which allows us to witness the performance of the video. There are some struggles caused by various stutters, but still, the graphics and reflections look just as presented during Nvidia’s Gamescom Presentation.

You can find the video footage down below with an excellent overview of the in-game graphics options.

Even though it’s the first generation of RTX graphics cards and it is too early to jump to a conclusion, it is quite evident that in the next years we’ll receive even better performance from the same series, that will finally allow players to have both performance and visual advantages in any video game. But, for now, it’s is quite sure that players will rather have Ray Tracing OFF than ON, which will help them with their performance in multiplayer games that require a lot of resources.

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