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Black Ops 4 Blackout Will Tweak its Armor before Release

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout had an amazing outcome in terms of players and more, but however, core gameplay mechanics had numerous flaws, and one of them was the armor and its development. Therefore, Treyarch not only knows that the Armor options were rigged during the beta but also promised it will receive further pinches before release.

This has been concluded after Alexander Conserva, Treyarch’s engineer has replied to one of the tweets of the professional streamers, Nadeshot, who had the chance to experience Blackout during its Open Beta. According to his statement, Treyarch is going to be making changes to the armor system before the game ships. You can find the response below:

During the Open Beta, Treyarch dealt with armor issues in multiple turns by changing its values and also decreasing the spawn rate of the most proficient one.

One core issue, however, still remains in the game. At first, the limit of players during Blackout were capped at 80 per session. As the beta was going on, Treyarch has increased the limit to 100 for test purposes. This definitely changed the game itself a lot, leaving not enough room for all the players to deploy. Together with the Armor issue and its loot table reducement, it could definitely be a game breaker if Treyarch doesn’t take any actions.



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