Fans Are “Salty” Because of the Addition of Other Games on the Blizzard Battle.Net Launcher

Sadly, but too little too late for Blizzard’s fans to express their revolt against the addition of other games on Blizzard’s very known launcher. More than a year ago, the fans had the chance to retain their sacred client and prevent it from allowing other companies to partner up with Blizzard, but sadly no measures were taken.

We’re here to remind you of that and we’ll take you on a little journey in the past. It was August, back in 2018 when Blizzard decided to rebrand their Battle.Net client and expand its moniker into Blizzard Battle.Net.

No arguments Battle.Net was in Blizzard’s hands back then, but still, stating the name would make it a lot clearer for the consumers of who’s the owner, as Blizzard had already announced that other video games may be using the same client as a result of the partnership.

If you do not believe that, you could check the writing down below:

Blizzard is Re-Branding its Online Service, Again

Months after that, a new partnership was born between Activision and Blizzard, concluding the usage of the very same client in which Activision choose to bring its games to the new platform for a much better gameplay experience. And yet, it was a better gameplay experience. However, the rebels were still there to provoke the whole situation as they’re now by posting to official announcements or tweets made by Blizzard.

The same happens nowadays. Whenever Blizzard decides to promote a game that’s being published by Activision, fans and Battle.Net users are expressing their revolt by posting quite a bitter messages.

The tweet above serves quite a good example of what kind of messages they’re receiving, in which consumers and former Blizzard fans are not satisfied at all watching Blizzard promoting other video games. Some of them also require to be granted with a choice of deleting other games that are not Blizzard’s product.

Well, fellow gamers, it is too late to react to any of these messages, as the window for revolt is closed since the official rebrand of the Battle.Net client. From now on, we can only embrace Blizzard’s choices, instead of spitting about it all over the internet.

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