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Almost everything we know about Anthem at one place

We’ve been thinking to compile a list of many popular things that are or were mentioned during the past period in Anthem, BioWare and EA’s upcoming RPG title. Anthem is surprisingly expected to be amongst the most popular and crowded video games out there, because of its authenticity, showcased gameplay, and details discovered through media or personal statements.

If we make a batch out of all that was discovered so far, we can conclude Anthem is about to offer something unique to each player. During the year 2018, not everything that was Anthem related was clear like a butter. Every given sample, hint, or explanation was taken as a note and traversed into a simple sentence for a much easier reading purpose.

Instead of explaining it here once again, we have planned to list them all below:

Not everything can be found in the links above, as the title of this article contains the word “almost”. That means “stay tuned because there’s more to come”. We hope that you can find your favorite answer somewhere in the links above. Anthem is coming out in 2019.



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