Red Bull is teaming with Method for Battle of Dazar’alor World First Race

The second WoW’s Battle For Azeroth raid is coming very soon, and we’ll have another World First Race streamed live on Twitch, by who else if not the best guild, Method. Red Bull has announced the partnership being already established, as they’ll backup Method on the way to accomplishing.

Will it be a resemblance to the previous Battle for Azeroth Uldir raid in which Method managed to take down G’huun first?

During the first Raid of BFA Method had some exhausting run, in which days were needed to finally beat down G’huun after over a hudred of times.

This time, the official World First race will also be live streamed just like the previous, on the official Method and Red Bull Twitch channels. Method’s individuals will also take part in live streaming, however, without a voice communication being available on their streams.

According to Red Bull’s statement:

Method players Sco, Gingi, Narcolies, Chrispotter, Perfecto, and Deepshades will be at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere for the The Battle of Dazar’alor, and they’ll be joined by a team of top casters, including Richard ‘Rich’ Campbell, Alan ‘Hotted’ Widmann, Cayna, Aaron ‘Sours’ Shaffer, Shanna ‘Darrie’ Sarr, JB ‘JdotB’, Daniel Peyton ‘Tettles’ Tettleton, Mike ‘Preach’, and Adam ‘Bay’ Knychnbsp.

This move will sincere help other Guilds prepare for the raid too, since Method’s way of moving through bosses will be publicly available to everyone.

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