Last Fortnite Update caused Login Issues

After the last Fortnite update, players have been noticing login issues. Thanks to social media and other sharing platforms, we have found out that Fortnite is having login issues. It was easy to confirm the same by simply visiting the official status page.

The official Epic Games status page confirms the same. According to it:

  • Website and Forums – Operational
  • Game Services – Operational
  • Login – Degraded Performance
  • Parties, Friends, and Messaging – Operational
  • Voice Chat – Operational
  • Matchmaking – Operational
  • Stats and Leaderboards – Operational
  • Store  – Operational
  • Epic Games store  – Operational

Epic Games has also announced that a fix is being worked on as they’re aware of the login problem.

Investigating – We’re aware of an issue preventing players from logging in and are working towards a fix. We’ll let you know once we’ve resolved the problem.

Hopefully everything will work out and Epic Games will manage to fix this problem ASAP, so that Fortnite players could experience the preparation of Season 8.

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