Which Javelin to play during the Anthem Open Beta?

If you’re still thinking which Javelin to buy in the Anthem Open Beta, we’re here to minimize your doubts and help you make the right choice.

First of all, choosing the right Javelin will depend on your playstyle and nothing else. Whether you’re an explosive player and love to go to melee range in various encounters or you’re an expert at long range, each Javelin exo suit is here to satisfy your gaming needs.

For now, there are only 4 Javelins available. Each of them offering unique abilities. Those are:

  • Colossus
  • Ranger
  • Storm
  • Interceptor

Each one of them has different abilities, pros and cons. For example, the Colossus is the heavy matter holding the Front Line, and the only Javelin that can take a punch. Its job is to keep the aggro off his friends.

The Ranger is a soldier with a nice balance between range and melee. He is the Javelin found in the very first trailer of the game, that executes the breathtaking ultimate ability and hits multiple targets with its rockets. The Ranger is the safest bet as he is the key combination to good and bad, aggressive and passive, in better and worse moments.

The Storm indicates a mage. A mage usually offers ranged abilities, but also quite heavy. His abilities are quite frankly probably the best of all Javelins. He has the power to freeze and burst enemies with a speed of a blink. It may serve a lack of explosive gameplay, but overall, it is a very effective Javelin.

And the last one, the Interceptor. The interceptor is the ninja alike character, in the game. This Javelin will allow players to unleash a mix of close range strikes, which honestly look amazing. Being aggressive on the fighting field, he is known for getting aggro easily, even off of the best Colossus in the game.

We hope this little explanation will help you to choose the right Javelin during this weekend. The Anthem Open Demo will become available in 10 minutes from now.

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