Fortbyte #74 Found in a Filing Cabinet inside an Assassin’s Basement on the Desert Coast

Another Fortnite Fortbyte Challenge has just surfaced. Fortbyte #74 is available as a collectible, and it is hidden on a very special place. Assassin’s Basement indicates of only one person, whom house was recently added to Fortnite with the beginning of Season 9. We all know who that is, John Wick.

With that being said, let’s take a look of where exactly John Wick’s house is located, and at which part on the desert coast the Fortbyte #74 lays. Previously investigated and showcased, John Wick’s house is located just east of Paradise Palms. It persists on the east of the map as a single building.

For more precise info on where the Fortbyte #74 is located, you can check the part below, in which it holds a location of the exact house and more detailed info on where the Filing Cabinet is:

We assume you will take the garage entrance and just hop straight in. Then, you can take the door on the right side which will lead you to the main hall. Afterward, you will just need to take left in the hallway and go to the end of it. At the end of the hallway, there will be a door on the left, leading to John Wick’s basement.

As soon as you get in the basement, make sure you seek for a File Cabinet, which is on the right side of the room. Once found, make sure you use your pickaxe to break it and collect the Fortbyte. There’s no other special requirement to get this done such as in the previous Fortbyte Challenges.

Below you can see the File Cabinet highlighted in the image:

There’s also a faster way to do it and fall straight into John Wick’s basement by breaking the floor on the very left once you enter the garage entrance. For a more clarified info, make sure to watch the video below:

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