Fortbyte Challenge #55 located in Haunted Hills

Fortnite Forbyte Challenges have been introduced in Season 9, which require players to decipher the corrupted data and acquire it. That said, Fortbyte 55’s location has been discovered and we’re here to help you locate it. The location of the Fortbyte is in Haunted Hills, and without using anything extra, you can just collect it.

If you ask yourself where is the #55 corrupted data located, worry not, because we’re here to help you find it without the extra struggles. Without further ado, let’s take a look at its precise location in the image below:

Now that we know the location of the Fortbyte #55, it is located in the little building at the top right, bearing NE inside Haunted Hills. For a more precise info on the Forbyte challenge, make sure you watch the video guidance below, created by Solace Entertainment:

Previously, the Forbyte challenge #92 was located:

Fortnite Fortbyte Challenge #92 accessible using Rock Love Spray near a Lavafall

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