Fortnite announces the third teaser for Season 9, New Map Incoming?

Fortnite’s next Season is on the verge of coming, as Epic Games tries to hype its arrival by releasing teaser images. Combined together, they’re expected to form a whole picture, potentially discovering the theme hiding behind Season 9. This has also been done before the release of Season 8, for which the theme was unveiled by player’s intelligence.

Will it be the same here? The third teaser holds the letter O and combined with the others, it states “NEO”. NEO, like the singer, or NEO from the Matrix? Just joking, to be honest. In general, NEO also means something new, stating on a revived form or maybe new.

Will there be a new map by any means? If you look closely at the imagery and zoom onto the Skin’s arm, you can see that he’s wearing a device. Potentially, a radar device, and in it, a shade of a possibly new map?

Nevertheless, this tease will raise even more questions as theory crafters are already going nuts with their forecasts.

The latest teaser states: “The Future is Tilted 5.9.2019” and was announced on FortniteGame official Twitter Profile.

It is unknown what exactly is going to happen. The image showcased on his Arm may be a word about the same map, with a couple of distortions. Sadly, we’ll have to wait and see what exactly is going to happen when Season 9 lands.

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