Fortnite’s Robot gets a Jetpack, last phase upgrade incoming

We're getting closer to the live event that scheduled to put an end to Season 9

As in each previous season in Fortnite, Epic Games is working its way through creating a new and presumably most exciting event ever in comparison to the past season. This time, we have a “Doggus” robot which construction began a while back, and now is before an ending phase.

The Robot has received a brand new item, a Jetpack, which makes us contemplate of what Epic Games is currently thinking. Will this be the Robot “Doggus” that tackles the scary monster “Cattus” that’s swimming around Fortnite Island, or his task is going to be slightly bit different?

Now that there’s a Jetpack in question, the Robot may serve as a transport vehicle. Knowing that Epic Games loves to encrypt their upcoming content strongly, nothing of value can be discovered, as we’re left only with new assumptions.

But, the good thing is that everyone believes there will be a Doggus vs. Cattus fight, as expected and confirmed by lots of data miners. Maybe like the Power Rangers, we’ll unite and take down the devastating monster that circling the Fortnite island.

Currently, the only missing part on the Robot is the head, which is going to be added in 6 days. After the countdown timer comes to an end, the event will most likely kick off.

For more info, we’ll have to wait and realize what’s coming next, as Epic Games strong encryptions are forbidding us from finding out what exactly is coming next.

Despite all of the changes on the Fortnite island throughout each Season, playing on the very same map becomes quite a tedious task to do. It’s slowly becoming boring, and having another map will surely add up to existing game quality.

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