Niantic Took Action Against 500k Cheaters in Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite and Banned 22k Ingress Accounts

500K Accounts? Yikes

Niantic is all about fair gameplay and according to their latest policy update, the Three-Strike Policy will be implemented in all of their games.

Niantic shared very interesting info on their website, revealing that the Three-Strike Policy has proven effective against cheaters and thanks to it they’ve identified and initiated action against a lot of Pokemon Go accounts who were using cheating apps.

They shared a number of 500K accounts, but that’s on both Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite games and we do think there are more than 450K Pokemon Go accounts ‘involved.’

They also added that 22K Ingress accounts have been banned because of supporting and participating in the illicit trade of in-game items. Ingress players even started a “Stop Selling Any Hackable Gear” petition back in 2018 and 2,500 players have signed.

To make it clear for everyone:

  • Pokemon Go cheaters use 3rd party apps to spoof and collect/catch shiny Pokemon, Legendary, Regional Pokemon and more. Some players are even selling these Pokemon for real money – which is against Niantic’s policy.
  • Ingress players can trade items by dropping them on the floor and others can pick them up. So pretty much real-life players can have bots to farm for them which leads to getting to higher lvl weapons or mods. As reported, Niantic recently patched this and now items can’t stay a long time on the ground.

Niantic wants to make sure their players are using only the official version of their apps and wants to remind players that rooted or jailbroken devices are not supported.

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  1. “The Three-Strike Policy will be implemented in all of their games”…. BS. My wife, two daughters and myself all got banned with no warning at all in Ingress. 1 strike and perm banned. Never spoofed only helped each other gather gear. I have multiple agents locally who can attest we are all real people who all play together.

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