Fortnite Chapter 2: Dead Zones Scattered Across the Island

Dead Zones have started appearing across the whole Fortnite island, which puts players to a swift “sleep” after encountering them. Without knowing the reason for death, theories are already being crafted that it’s due to some radiation coming from the nuclear power plant. But, knowing the Power Plant is intact, this is more likely to be connected to a bug in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Multiple streamers had cruelly experienced the Dead Zone mystery when their actions led to sudden death. You can see a couple of them below:

The initial death usually follows with a squad wipe as co-players try to recover the card that’s dropped after the player dies. It is not just the two above that have experienced this anomaly.

These occurrences during Fortnite’s Chapter 2 day one have been followed with a massive patch on Day 2. Hopefully, this patch aims to extinguish the mystery behind the sudden deaths. Is this a theme connected to the current chapter or season? No one knows the right cause, and for the sake of the game, it would be better not to.

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