Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Reportedly Delayed

BioWare’s unconfirmed interstellar title, Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, has reportedly been delayed to a later date. Due to recent rumors, the game is also known as the legendary edition, which we formed our title. A retailer has brought us to this confirmation, which seemingly leaked the game’s current stance and claimed that it would face a delay.

Electronic Arts haven’t revealed anything in particular with BioWare’s Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which is probably for a reason. A reason that somewhat explains that the remaster trilogy will arrive at a later date, according to some insider info.

The name of the game and the release date of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was confirmed by Jeff Grubb on VentureBeat decides, who has claimed that the title will be released somewhere in 2021.

But why is Mass Effect: Legendary Edition facing a delay? Well, it’s probably due to polishing issues first and foremost. The visuals and gameplay seem unsatisfying for the time and era in which the technology is predominant. Therefore, more work will be required before the title meets the recommended goals, and possibly discover a release date for mid-2021.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is supposed to include all three Mass Effect games and all the downloadable content.

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