Star Citizen is Free to Play for September

Cloud Imperium Games is developing Star Citizen, a space flying simulator with a story-driven campaign in the alpha version. Cloud Imperium Games’ development cycle on Star Citizen is probably going to last long. But to excite everyone, CIG has decided to add a free-to-play period for a while month, which has already started and is ongoing for September. Those interested in the game may experience it for the first time.

The game includes starships from different classes available at player’s choice. In the trailer, you can see the F-8 Lighting, in which you can see inside and outside the fighter.

The free-to-play month will deduct for the whole month of September, allowing players to experience space and fly numerous starships. To point out, Star Citizen is a big crowdfunded game with more than 280 million dollars. Also, the preregistered accounts number has passed 2.5 million.

The free-to-play period will include numerous events. The free fly event is also available until September 23, which will allow players to experience the best starships and help them decide on their purchase if they choose to continue and play the game.

Angel Kicevski

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  1. Despite the negative press has to say about this game where it’s obvious theyve never played the game, or maybe just the one time 2 years ago, all I have to say is try it out for your self while it’s free and I think you’ll find this game is unlike anything else and I going to be something very special, the team is very dedicated with weekly updates, and new content every 1-3 months. There’s already alot of content and with progression I’m finding myself trying to earn all the credits I can to buy new ships in game and upgrading them. If you happen to like it and decide to get a starter package, I think it’s $45 and it gets you full access to the game and your own ship, use this referral code and you’ll get an extra 5,000 in in-game credits, a jet black flight suit and a hand gun to start out with! STAR-4JS9-SBR6

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