Haven, An Upcoming Romantic Space Adventure Game, coming on December 3rd

Haven is an upcoming space adventure game based around one couple’s romance on a mysterious planet, developed and published by The Game Breakers. The Game Breakers are also the developers behind Furi, a very intense and critically acclaimed action shoot ’em up. After a long wait, Haven finally has an official release date, and it’s making its way to PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on December 3rd.

The Game Bakers have also confirmed that players who’ll purchase Haven for the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S will get a free version for the PS4 or Xbox One (and vice versa). However, there’s still no confirmed release date for Haven on the PS4, but it’s scheduled to arrive along with the Switch version early next year.

Haven is about Yu and Kay, who’s escaped to a forgotten planet, leaving everything they knew behind. They’ll now have to colonize this planet and make themselves at home while in the meantime fighting against different types of alien creatures. Players will have to maintain the relationship between the two to make sure things don’t go wrong.

What really sets out this game is its combat. It’s based on timing your abilities along with your partner to defeat your enemies. Local co-op will also be available for this game where you both can play as either Yo or Kay.

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