Battlefield 2042 Will Use Bots To Fill Empty Server Slots

EA Dice’s upcoming first-person shooter with dynamic weather and natural disasters will have a lot of surprises. One of the core ones is filling empty servers with artificial intelligence. Something that’s been missing in the previous titles. An enhanced AI will join the server, so you don’t get the absentia found in previous titles in the franchise, especially once the hype dies. Probably one of the most surprising features ever included in Battlefield 2042, together with the Hazard Zone game mode (yes, I do not forget this).

Battlefield 2042 has been hurled as a multiplayer-only game. No campaigns or anything could allow players to enjoy the game playing by themselves, aside from joining a multiplayer server and hoping for their best performance. Luckily, there’s this new idea that will bring dummy targets to the game. While we are uncertain of the Bots’ scale in difficulty, we still believe they would be easier to kill than a human opponent. Having bots should add up to the longevity of the game. We’ve all been to a spot where Battlefield loses its hype, and servers are feeling harder to fill.

Battlefield 2042 How Would Bots Work

EA has developed bots that will join upon demand, for example, after a couple of human players join an empty server. Similar to Fortnite, this will allow full lobbies. Once a human player connects to the server (if the server is full), the algorithm will replace the bot with him. It’s a great idea and a pitch that could help the game in the long run.

It may be hard to get used to, but it’s definitely a strong way to tackle inactivity and bolster toxicity avoidance. Not only that, but you and your friends can also go to an empty server and practice.

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