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Pokemon Go Shiny Pokemon Transform into Shiny Ditto

A few weeks ago, we reported that a Shiny Pokemon cannot transform into a Ditto or a Shiny Ditto. However, due to a glitch, at this very moment, it is indeed possible.

Many players reported that their Shiny Pokemon turned into a Shiny Ditto when they caught them, and it’s becoming a real problem.

As you know, Ditto is one of the most unique Pokemon in the Pokemon world, with shapeshifting into other Pokemon and mimicking their moves.

In Pokemon Go, there is a rule that if Ditto’s potential disguise turns out to be a Shiny Pokemon, then it cannot transform into a Ditto or a Shiny Ditto when you catch it. However, if it is not a Shiny Pokemon, there is a great chance of it turning into a Ditto or a Shiny Ditto at the end.

Back to the glitch though. Now, as reported on the official TSR Reddit, a weird bug turns Shiny Drowzee and Shiny Teddiursa into a Shiny Ditto. This is weird because Shiny Pokemon are excluded from the Ditto pool.

This has shaken the entire Pokemon Go community, and we hope that the glitch will get resolved as soon as possible.


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