What’s coming with Escape From Tarkov Patch patch 12.12 by the so-far revealed?

Let's talk Escape From Tarkov from what we saw at the 12.12 Trailer Premiere

Hey, hardcore fans of the most realistic sim first-person shooter out there, as I like to call it. How did you enjoy today’s official Escape From Tarkov 12.12 Trailer? I enjoyed it quite a lot, primarily because of the new weapons, items, and hardcore survival features that are being added to the game. One of the exciting items being added is the range finder, which also makes us eligible for playing as a spotter for some highly qualified snipers (your friends ofc.). But what else was showcased during the 12.12 patch?

First and foremost, the video starts with the SCAR weapon, which is supposed to be the new and most exciting part of the next patch, but there have been plenty of other things to go through. I’ll create a bulleted list of what I noticed, and if you see something’s missing, do not hesitate to add it up in the comments!

What We Noticed in the 12.12 Escape From Tarkov Patch Trailer

  • Lighthouse
  • SCAR
  • Double-Barrel Shotgun
  • New Flashbang grenade from what it seems to be in the video
  • New Impact Grenade, which is probably going to be a game-changer
  • New USP Pistol
  • RANGE FINDER – something demanded by the community for a long time.
  • New weapon attachments such as suppressors and optics.
  • Possible Face-Paint feature as noticed on multiple characters seen through scopes. It happened by random to one of our friends during the previous wipe, and we reported it in an article instantly. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it is coming as a feature.
  • Player Inertia could be one of the things coming, as the guy strafing doesn’t seem to move as fast as before as there’s a resting point in between, while sudden break results in the well-known powerslide. Now again, this could be made on purpose, but the strafe definitely seemed a bit slower. The developer has been talking about a new type of realism, and if something Tarkov needs, that’s Player Inertia.

I have replayed the video over 20 times, and I am still trying to notice something out of the ordinary. I’ll update the list above if I do. If you saw something else, please add it in the comments below! Also, just a reminder, while it was missed in the trailer, VoIP is also expected to arrive with patch 12.12. So there’s even more that hasn’t precisely been revealed in the video and will most probably come as a surprise.

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