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Lost Ark All Giants’ Hearts Acquisition Locations and Rewards

For those unaware or new to Lost Ark, you should all know about the power of the collectibles and why acquiring them matters in this game. Some of the collectibles are a conduit to greater character power. For example, the Giants’ Hearts offer three Skill Point Potion acquisitions, something you shouldn’t miss if you plan on staying in the game for a longer time.

Giants’ Hearts rewards can be obtained on Wisdom Isle from an NPC named Minerva. So, let’s look at all of the Giants’ Hearts acquisition locations and rewards below. If you would love to check your Giants’ Hearts progress, go to Adventure – > Collectibles or press ALT+L.

Giants’ Hearts Acquisition Locations

1st Giant’s Heart !Quest! Tortoyk – Five Scattered Brothers at Totoma, Accessible after Tortoyk Story Questline Completion
2nd Giant’s Heart [Rapport] Trixion – Beatrice (Friendly)
3rd Giant’s Heart [Rapport] Origins of Stern – Sasha (Trust)
4th Giant’s Heart [Field Bosses- RNG Drop] Lake Eternity – Tarsilla
5th Giant’s Heart [Exchange] Blackfang’s Den – Mariner Rosa Merchant for 3,300 Gienah’s Coins
6th Giant’s Heart [Exchange] Atlas – Illicit Marketeer – Merchant Nimble Grant – 33,000 Pirate Coins
7th Giant’s Heart [Reputation] Any Tooki Island – Killing the King Lv.3 Reward
8th Giant’s Heart [Exchange] Freedom Isle – Blackfang – 4,000 Gienah’s Coins
9th Giant’s Heart [Rapport] Hypno’s Eyes – Calvasus Reward
10th Giant’s Heart [Tower] Shadespire Floor 35
11th Giant’s Heart Azure Wind Island – Insects in the Grass Fields
12th Giant’s Heart !Quest! With a Light Heart at Shadow Moon Market
13th Giant’s Heart [Tower] Tower of Fate Floor 35
14th Giant’s Heart [Rapport] Whispering Islet – Nineveh, requires Courage +180 Charisma and Song of Starlight
15th Giant’s Heart !Quest! After getting the 14th Giant’s Heart, you will get a reward quest leading to the 15th Giant’s Heart.

Giant’s Heart Rewards

1st Giant’s Heart Stat Increase Potion
2nd Giant’s Heart Wisdom Potion
3rd Giant’s Heart !Resonating Giant’s Heart!
4th Giant’s Heart Skill Point Potion – 3 Extra Skill Points
5th Giant’s Heart Wealth – Skill Rune Effect
6th Giant’s Heart Skill Point Potion – 3 Extra Skill Points
7th Giant’s Heart Vitality Increase Potion
8th Giant’s Heart Transformation: Totoiki
9th Giant’s Heart Masterpiece #21
10th Giant’s Heart Skill Point Potion – 3 Extra Skill Points
11th Giant’s Heart Masterpiece #33
12th Giant’s Heart Skill Point Potion – 3 Extra Skill Points
13th Giant’s Heart Focus – Skill Rune Effect
14th Giant’s Heart Reinvigorated Giant’s Heart
15th Giant’s Heart Giant’s Secret Chest
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