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How and Where to Get Omnium Stars in Lost Ark?

Another set of collectibles ready to strengthen your character.

Omnium Stars in Lost Ark are important because they give you a chance to acquire another set of Skill Point Potions, that will provide you with 12 Skill Points to bolster your character in power. Therefore, let’s take a look at how can you acquire these and where exactly? I know that some of you might be bothered doing such tasks and just want to hack’n’slash, but getting the skill points is very important.

Lost Ark Omnium Star Guide

As of the current patch, there is a total of 6 Omnium Stars () that you can acquire (even though there are 7 showcased), and each of them is tied behind a mission, reputation, or else. These are the gems you need to acquire to increase your character’s power. For better understanding, we have compiled the list of tasks you need to do to acquire each one of them.

To check your current progress on these, click ALT+L or go to Adventure -> Collectibles and then choose Omnium Stars, or just go to Adventure -> Collectibles.

Omnium Stars Acquisition Locations and Needed Resources

  • Complete the Whispering Star questline in Punika
  • Increase your Rapport Level with Nia To Trusted
  • !Una Tasks: Reach Maximum Reputation with !Purification Ceremony
    • Starts with !Pond of Purification and then continues with !Madness Piles on the Altar
  • Purchase Omnium Star from the Spearfish Hunting Guild Ship Vessel outside of Punika for 8000 Sun Coins
  • Defeat the field boss Moake in Tikatika Colony Punika.
    • 1370 ilvl required.
  • Defeat Broken Stella in Garden of Despair, located on the Anguish Isle, only accessible with Garden of Despair Key (). More about this island you can find in this guide. Not a guaranteed drop.

Lost Ark Omnium Star Trade Rewards

Omnium Stars can be exchanged for rewards at the Exchange Omnium Star vendor at Punika in Nia Village. You remember the holy beast Albion, yes, he’s in charge of it. The rewards he offers are as follows (only 6 of the Omnium Stars are available:

  1. Stat Increase Potion
  2. Greater Skill Potion
  3. Skill Rune
  4. Greater Stat Increase Potion
  5. Legendary Skill Rune
  6. Greater Skill Point Potion

That’s it for this one. If you find anything missing, please let us in the comments below! We’re more than happy to address any issues.

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