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Lost Ark Leveling Guide

Yellow, Green, Blue, Eliminate Everything "Grue".

Most of the western region is new to the game, and haven’t had an opportunity to play Lost Ark unless they tricked the system and joined the Russian version of the game. Therefore, people are eager to determine how they should level up their character, what kind of approach, etc.

For that reason, I will try my best to help you, as I’ve had the opportunity to fiddle with it for an excessive time, at least more than what the Western people are going to indulge. Thankfully, the system is easy to understand, and a couple of tips might help you get along.

Lost Ark Leveling Tips

Ok, let’s see what kind of quests there are and how to approach them. Should you skip a couple or not, their order and groupation, and what you should primarily focus on. This version of Lost Ark has been through a couple of refurbishes to get to this point. On the western version of the game, you start at Level 10, unlike before.

Story or Main Quests From Level 10 to 30

Understandingly, the yellow quests or the ones marked with yellow are main story quests. These types of quests should be completed because they not only grant you chunky XP, but also contribute towards your character development and story progression. They also give plenty of useful rewards which can be used as an upgrade on your character.

Side Quests

The other types of quests are side quests, and they are highlighted in yellow color. They do not give you a significant experience, but they do know how to surprise with some decent rewards.

Note: These quests are usually paired very well with the main quests, meaning they will eventually end up at the same destination. You won’t be pushed to travel across the territory at all. They are relatively easy and do not require science knowledge.

Guide and Roster Quests

Both of these are two different quests but yet they share the same quest color, purple. Guide quests can be given as you progress throughout the story and managed (accepted and returned) throughout the journal itself via a notification, while Roster quests can be accepted at important Named NPC characters. They will require your attention more than others, and you’ll have plenty of options to make them happy (increase the Rapport level), which in return they will provide you with easy Roster quests. Sometimes they’ll like to hear you play a song for them too.

Roster Quests are quests that are separate from the combat quests and shared between all characters you have, with each Roster Level Up granting you a certain bonus that applies to all your characters.

Throughout these quests, and by the time you reach level 31, you should learn plenty of fundamentals and get used to your rotations.


Lost Ark Leveling From 31 to 50

Following the storyline quests above should get you quickly to level 31 when the fun part begins. The ordinary yellow story quests will be replaced by blue ones once you’re demanded to start sailing. You will get your own ship and be instructed to visit Tortoyk, then Anikka, then Arthetine, and in the end, North Vern. The quests will be in light blue throughout all those territories, and you should be scared that you missed your main objective at all.

Lost Ark Level 50 to 60

For those unfamiliar, Level 50 is the soft cap for leveling. After you reach this limit, you will notice the experience bar moving far slower than before, and this is where the grind begins. Just in case, you should still commit yourself to complete all the quests, in case you forget about something close to becoming a part of your character.

If I forgot anything, please let me know below!

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