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Lost Ark Platinum Field Guide: What is it and How to farm it?

An instanced arena that offers bountiful Trade Skill resources.

Platinum Field allows you to gather the best of the best Trade Skill resources in Lost Ark. To get access to it, you would need an Entrance Ticket. The ticket is consumed upon entering the Platinum Field instance. You can queue for such activity from any major city. If you do not know its location, just open the map and search for Platinum Field, the easiest way to find the instance queue location.

Platinum Fields Guide

Platinum Field is a 15-min long instanced arena accessible with a special ticket that can be dropped by doing trade skill tasks like foraging, logging, mining, or else. Its drop chance is meager because the rewards in the Platinum Field are just otherworldly and immense in quantity. Nevertheless, having a drop of this caliber is quite worthwhile, and sooner or later, you’ll get one too.

Platinum Fields Instances

Once you get the ticket , you will be eligible to queue to two Platinum Field instances. Those are Nahun’s Domain and Old Yudian Canal. Both offer distinct Trade Skill resources, as they provide different tasks and require different Trade Skills. You can check them out below:

  • Nahun’s Domain offers Foraging, Logging, and Mining nodes.
  • Old Yudian Canal offers Fishing, Hunting, and Excavating nodes.

Do not worry. The instance does not consume the Trade Skill energy and does not reward extra Trade Skill experience.


Having reached here, I would guess that you already have Platinum Field ticket, and you’re unsure how to do it properly. Well, no one wants to waste his Entrance Ticket for nothing. These are not exactly requirements, but consider it as a safety edge. I suggest you get at least level 10 or above in Trade Skills for the respective instance you’re queueing for. In this way, you will be able to gather every node inside the dungeon.

To find out what your Trade Skills are currently at, you can do so by clicking the “L” button on your keyboard or going to Character -> Trade Skills.

Party Up

Making a party of four players for this task is quite valuable. For example, the maps have multiple lanes that are hard to be covered by a single player. They would also need to have the ticket, so instead of just matchmaking blindly, it’s better if you organize the party before you settle a foothold in the instance. It works similarly to the Cube or the Boss Rush, for example.


  • Having tools like the ones with Paralysis Immunity will help because mobs won’t hit you while gathering materials from nodes.

Since the event starts, make sure you know what kind of materials you need to return. You can do that by hovering over the three items at the top left of your screen. Focus only on those three, as they will be the only items that could drop a resource you need to return to the entrance.

If such a scenario occurs while foraging, mining, or logging, make sure you pick up that item and run straight towards the start of the dungeon.

Returning 4 of the same gatherable will open a portal with extra materials to farm, so make sure you focus only on the given items.

After the portals open, you can go inside and farm those. Once players return too many of these items, a secret island opens, located at the bottom of the map, which you can teleport to. You will find a chest on that island that’s full of crafting materials and additional nodes to farm.

At the end of the run, the rewards are delivered based on your contribution.

I hope you find this guide helpful. If anything’s forgotten, please let me know in the comments below!

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