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The Cycle Frontier “Stimulating Developments” Quest Guide

Stimulating Developments is a quest in The Cycle: Frontier. The quest is given by Emmanuel Sullivan Osiris CEO & Lead Researcher. It consists of 2 different parts.

The Cycle Frontier “Stimulating Developments” Quest Details

Quest Image


General Quest Dialogue

Osiris specialize in medical tech, from surgical robots to powerful medicines and even healing nanites. Many of their advancements are only possible thanks to prospectors like you retrieving samples from the planet.

Get Osiris what they need, and you’ll be rewarded with access to new, stronger health stims.

Final Rewards

  • x5 Strong Stim – Unlocks the purchase of the Strong Stim from Osiris.

Quest Parts, Objectives & Guides

Click on Parts to sweep through all of the quest parts.

Part 1 Dialogue

This should interest you: we have a small team researching new, stronger health stims, but we’re low on certain materials that were never restocked on station. Head to the Vaccine Labs and bring back some Medical Supplies.


  • Visit Waterfall Lab on Bright Sands
  • Visit Vaccine Labs on Bright Sands
  • Deliver 4 Medical Supplies


  • 130 FP
  • x2 Osiris Scrip
  • x5800 Krypto Marks


Both the Waterfall Lab and Vaccine Labs can be found in the image below. They are medical areas, which means you can find the 4 needed Medical Supplies (green big boxes) for the quest and return them upon extraction. They are a common spawn in Medical Cases.

Waterfall and Vaccine Labs on Bright Sands

Part 2 Dialogue

There are a few more items from the surface our team needs, Prospector. Get what we need from this list if you want access to stronger stims.


  • Deliver 3 Blue Runner Eggs
  • Deliver 2 Toxic Glands
  • Deliver 5 Old Medicine


  • 200 FP
  • x4 Osiris SCRIP
  • x7000 Krypto Marks


  • Blue Runner Eggs can be found across the whole map, usually in the open. The creatures that lay these eggs often leave tracks behind. Just follow them if you notice tracks on the ground, it will eventually lead you to an egg. For direct locations, check this image:

  • Toxic Glands can be found from dead Blast Ticks and Acid Ticks, Red and Green mobs usually found in rivers and places around the swamp area. To check their spawns click on this image:

  • Old Medicines can be found in Medical Cases. Waterfall Labs and Vaccine Labs are good spots to search for them.

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