Ubisoft Gains Cloud Streaming Rights to Activision Blizzard Games in Landmark Deal

Ubisoft has made waves in the industry with its recent announcement of acquiring cloud streaming rights for the entire library of Activision Blizzard titles. This revolutionary move comes as part of the agreement after Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard.

For fans of both Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard, this news is monumental. With a single subscription to Ubisoft+ Multi Access, players can now access both companies’ vast games. This encompasses the current Activision Blizzard titles, such as the globally renowned Call of Duty, and every new title they’ll release in the subsequent 15 years after the Microsoft deal finalizes.

Ubisoft’s offering goes beyond just its platform. The company plans to license these games to cloud gaming companies, service providers, and even console manufacturers. This move promises fans a more fluid and flexible gaming experience across platforms, including PC, Xbox consoles, Amazon Luna, and PlayStation.

The gaming industry is rapidly evolving, with cloud gaming gaining prominence as a preferred mode of play for many. Cloud gaming’s primary advantage is its device-agnostic nature – gamers can play their favorite titles on a broad array of hardware, tearing down barriers traditionally seen in the industry.

Chris Early, Senior VP of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Ubisoft, captured the sentiment perfectly: “We’re dedicated to delivering amazing experiences to our players wherever they choose to play.” This deal is a testament to that dedication, bringing two of the industry’s most enormous titans under one umbrella, at least in cloud streaming.

The specifics of how and when Activision Blizzard games will be incorporated into Ubisoft+ and other cloud gaming platforms remain under wraps. However, given the vast potential and anticipation, gamers worldwide eagerly await further announcements.

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