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CS2 Inferno Must-Know Smokes and Molotovs

In the competitive world of Counter-Strike 2, mastering the art of utility throws is not just recommended but essential. With its intricate design and tight chokepoints on the new CS2, Inferno offers players various strategic opportunities. And as the gameplay meta continually evolves, so does the importance of optimizing each throw.

To help newcomers and seasoned players, we’ve compiled this definitive guide detailing the most crucial utility throws on “Inferno.” We promise to keep this article updated as we uncover new throws. Moreover, we’ve accompanied each utility description with a video for those visual learners.

1-Way Smoke – Library to Banana (Patched by Valve)

An ingenious smoke that offers a sneaky line of sight while keeping you relatively hidden. This throw is a game-changer for those defending the B-site, especially if they manage to conquer it early.

Banana to CT Smoke

A vital smoke for T-side when attempting to take B-site. It effectively cuts off vision from CT spawn, allowing for a safer push or plant.

Banana to Ruins Smoke

Isolate those pesky defenders playing from ruins. With this smoke, you can focus on site defenders without the worry of a backstab.

Banana to CT Smoke 2

Another way to give a deeper smoke into CT and close the gaps.

Second Mid to A Moto Smoke

Control the A-site rotation by deploying this smoke. It’s an essential throw for A-site executes, hindering defenders’ movement and vision.

Mid to Moto Smoke Closeup

You got close to mid, and you want to close the gaps in moto. Here’s the smoke for you.

Second Mid to Short Smoke

Take control of short without exposing yourself to players from moto or library. An invaluable utility for A-site splits.

Smoke T to CT B

Planning a fast B execute? This smoke is essential, as it cuts off vision for CT.

Smoke T to CT Long

Before hitting A-site eploy this smoke to block off any potential CT interference. This is not a good rush smoke, as it has too many bounces.

First and Boost Molotov

Quickly clear out the first oranges and boost spot on B-site. This molotov combo ensures defenders can’t linger in these powerful positions.

Second Molotov

New Box Molotov

As we continue our deep dive into the game, we’ll keep this guide updated.

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