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Must-Know Smoke Lineups for Anubis on Counter-Strike 2

With the rising competition in Counter-Strike 2, having a firm grasp of game mechanics and strategy is more crucial than ever. One of the critical factors determining match outcomes is the mastery of smoke lineups. Today, we’re diving deep into Anubis, showcasing potent lineups to augment your tactical arsenal.

Mid-to-Camera Palace Smoke

Seize control of the mid with this strategic smoke placement. This lineup provides excellent coverage, denying enemies a clear view and offering your team a safer passageway.

T-Base to Mid Smoke (Deep)

Ideal for T-side players wanting to control mid. This deep smoke creates a barrier, hampering any aggressive CT mid-holds.

T-Base to Mid Smoke (Shallow)

A shallower alternative to the previous lineup, this smoke grants T-players an opportunity for a quick mid-peek or a sudden change in strategy.

T to A Camera Smoke

Planning an A-site push? This lineup blocks vision from the camera position, allowing T-players to approach the site with added security.

T to A Heaven Smoke

Neutralize any defenders perched in the A-heaven with this lineup. Ensure a smoother site take and plant scenario.

T to B CT

Prepping for a B-site rush? This lineup for the CT position at B-site ensures defenders are rendered nearly sightless, giving your team the advantage.

T to B Palace

A crucial smoke for those targeting B Palace. Deny any aggressive peeks and gain an upper hand during site executions.

T to Water Con B Smoke

This lineup offers an effective strategy for T-players looking to make a splash in the water or lurk towards A.

T A to Camera A Long

Planning to hit A site fast? This smoke at Camera-A will keep CTs at bay.

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