Starfield Lockpicking Guide: Master the Art of Unlocking

In the expansive universe of Starfield, lockpicking stands out as a crucial skill to master. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming an expert at this in-game mechanic.

The Basics of the Interface:

  • Centered on your screen is the lock, made up of concentric rings with gaps.
  • On the right, you’ll see your Digipick keys, thin rings with pins. Rotate these to align with the lock’s gaps.
  • The key? Every pin needs a gap. Yet, some keys might not fit anywhere, making them redundant.
  • Remember, if you run out of usable keys before unlocking, you’ll start over, consuming the Digipick.

Strategic Tips:

  • Rotate keys but delay pressing “Slot Key”. This way, you haven’t utilized the Digipick and can backtrack without a penalty.
  • If you fail to unlock, save-scumming resets the puzzle but spares your Digipick.

Auto Attempts:

  • An aid showing how to solve a ring using available keys.
  • By reaching a Security skill rank of 4, you can bank up to five auto attempts.

Importance of Security Skills:

  • Rank up your Security skill under the Tech tab to access harder locks: Novice to Master.
  • Ranking up lets you bank more auto attempts and get visual aids. For instance, at Rank 2, compatible lock rings turn blue.

In essence, mastering lockpicking in Starfield revolves around understanding the interface, adopting smart strategies, and leveling up your Security skills. Happy unlocking!

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