Techland Reveals Dying Light 2 Fall and Winter Roadmap for 2023

Fans of Techland’s beloved zombie parkour game, Dying Light 2, have been eagerly waiting for updates, and the wait is finally over. Techland has now unveiled a promising roadmap for Fall and Winter 2023, and it promises plenty of thrills for gamers.

Techland has released a comprehensive infographic for fans to simplify and visually represent the upcoming content. The detailed graphic delineates the timeline of the updates, neatly categorized by month, so players can anticipate when to expect each new feature or event. From the newly designed co-op missions to the exciting crossover events, this infographic serves as a handy guide, providing a clear snapshot of what’s in store over the next few months.

Co-Op Missions and Raids

Previously, co-op in Dying Light 2 was limited to regular story missions, with additional players stepping into the shoes of background characters. The new updates promise a more immersive co-op experience. What’s even more enticing is the introduction of a co-op tower raid, which has a dungeon-style approach. Players are expected to collaboratively solve puzzles and tackle challenging foes, all while navigating parkour-rich environments.

Crossovers and Events

October will witness the enthralling crossover event featuring Vampire: The Masquerade, paired with a Halloween special. Following this, For Honor will enter the Villedor world in November. And for those feeling the festive spirit, there’s a Winter Celebrations event planned for December. A cherry on top, Techland also hints at a 2nd Anniversary Event in February 2024.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Alongside the headlining features, Techland is committed to refining the player experience. Upgrades to look forward to include enhanced weapon repairing systems, a wider array of outfits, escalated difficulty levels, new weapon rarities, fresh finisher moves, and, notably, support for community mods.

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