Apex Legends Cross Progression Coming in Season 19, The Game-Changer Landing this Halloween

Alright, you might have stumbled upon the tweet or heard the chatter among your friends: Apex Legends is about to make Halloween memorable for more reasons than trick-or-treating. Before we dive into what’s in store, let’s take a moment to recall those times when cross-progression was on everyone’s wish list.

First up, meet Conduit, the fresh support Legend. There’s been a call for more support roles for a while, and the game developers are listening. Next, if you feel like the Storm Point map has become somewhat stale, get ready for an overhaul that should breathe some life back into it.

But the true showstopper here? Cross Progression. This feature means that all your stats, achievements, and unlocks can be accessed from different platforms. Tired of feeling anchored to your console when your buddies are on PC? Well, that’s about to change.

Apex Legends Season 19 Details

Conduit is a new support legend with abilities to help out her team. Her active Radiant’s Transfer heals team mates shields over time. Don’t worry legends, this can be paused by dealing damage. Her passive Savior’s Speed lets her run faster towards her team mates, allowing her to reposition and get closer to save them. Finally her Ultimate Energy Barricade summons a wall that deals damage to anyone who passes through it, great for zone control and resets.

Given the crazy storms over Storm Point, we’ve had a huge influx of help to repair the damage. Wattson’s deployed her Pylon, where Antenna used to be, and other locations Zeus Station, Ceto Station and Echo Headquarters have been introduced to help with recovery efforts. Nessie fans probably check out Pylon to potentially find some easter eggs! Two other POIs have been introduced, some replacing existing ones. The prowler nest has been relocated from the center of the map, opening it up and the overall map size has been reduced too.

Several legends have been changed, nerfs to Catalyst and Bangalore to begin with. Read official notes for more details.

Longbow, Sentinel and Charge Rifle are all being buffed, whilst the 3030 and Hemlok have had their potential reduced. A fan favourite has gone into the carepackage. The Wingman. However it comes with buffs and two attachments that you want to keep your eye on.

Ranked has a few changes. Party Restrictions removed. Promo trials to rank up and more scaling with provisional matches, so make sure to do your best in those first ten games.

A feature that a lot have been waiting for is arriving – Cross Progression. But make sure to read up on the full details to see just what you can and cannot do.

Finally, there are a stack of other changes in the game as well as a few more big announcements to come!

  • In-Game Notification: Players with multiple accounts will be alerted within the game.
  • Mandatory Merge: You’ll have to merge accounts, no questions asked.
  • Master Account: Your highest-level account will serve as the main one.
  • Uniform Experience: Expect to see your experience points and cosmetics show up on every platform you play on.

You know, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the minor updates, the new skins, the little things. But every once in a while, an update comes along that fundamentally changes how we play. With cross-progression, the game suddenly becomes a whole lot more flexible.

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