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COD Vanguard October 2 Update Rolls Out

Sledgehammer Games released a new update for Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard in a somewhat unexpected move. Labeled as update 1.26, this patch has left many players curious about what changes it brings to the table. While details remain scarce, let’s look at what we know about this latest update.

The update comes as a bit of a surprise. There was no prior announcement or hints about it, leaving players eager to learn what has been tweaked or added to the game. With a Modern Warfare 2 update soon to be released that will rename the game client, speculation is rife that the same thing could happen with COD Vanguard.

As of now, Sledgehammer Games has not released any official patch notes. Without these, it’s tough to say definitively what changes have been implemented. This has left the community buzzing with speculation and amateur investigations into the update’s effects. Players are actively discussing potential alterations in forums and social media channels, trying to pinpoint what this mysterious update might entail.

Without official patch notes, it’s hard to know what this update means for the future of COD Vanguard. However, Sledgehammer Games has something up its sleeve. Only time will tell whether this turns out to be a minor set of tweaks or preparation for something bigger.

Until the official patch notes are released, we can only speculate and listen to community feedback. Share your findings in the comment section below if you’ve noticed any changes after installing the update. We’ll monitor the situation and provide updates as and when more information becomes available.

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