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Pokémon GO bug resets ‘Catch a Pokémon on 14 Different Days’ task upon completion

Trainers, we’ve got a rollercoaster update for you that’s both thrilling and a bit of a downer. The A Paldean Adventure Special Research is exciting but comes with a caution flag, a game-altering bug in Pokémon GO. So while the task of catching a Pokemon for 14 unique days sounds like a cool challenge, heads up! An annoying bug could just wipe your progress clean.

“A Paldean Adventure” is no walk in the park, it’s a season-long Research introduced in Pokémon GO, with five action-packed steps. As if visiting PokeStops and catching Pokemon for two straight weeks wasn’t demanding enough, it seems like the payoff isn’t exactly a home run. We get it, Niantic, you want to challenge us, but a little more pizzazz in the rewards department wouldn’t hurt.

Here’s where it gets dicey, MikeRoHard, a fellow Pokémon GO enthusiast, took to The Silph Road subreddit to air his grievances. Imagine faithfully catching Pokemon for 14 days, feeling that sweet taste of near-victory, only to have your task reset, Ouch! This isn’t some isolated incident; other Trainers have been caught in this bug trap as well.

My 14 Days of Pokémon Catches reset, anyone else?
byu/MikeRoHard inTheSilphRoad

If you’ve been hit by this annoying bug, don’t just vent on social media. Some savvy players suggest you slide into Niantic’s Twitter DMs for some real-time support. They have the power to reverse the bug’s effects and reinstate your hard-earned progress.

In the end, it’s always a bummer when technical glitches get in the way of a good time, especially in a game that’s all about exploration and achievement. So, stay alert, Trainers, and keep those bug reports coming. We can’t let a little glitch ruin our grand Pokemon adventures.

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