Farming bots are disrupting regular Counter-Strike 2 players quite frequently

Counter-Strike 2 has become a popular destination for players seeking a blend of strategy and action. But together with the weekly drops rework, which is now based on XP reach, things have turned dire.

Valve, the game’s developer, recently reworked the case drop feature, allowing players to earn a free case drop each week by reaching a specific XP level. These cases, coveted for their in-game items, have become a target for exploiters.

This system’s exploitation is evident in the experiences of regular players, as highlighted in a recent discussion on the CS2 subreddit. Players report instances where level 1 accounts overrun their games, believed to be bots, primarily from China. These bots join games en masse, not to engage in fair play but to artificially inflate their XP and farm case drops. This tactic skews the competitive balance and disrupts the genuine gaming experience. What’s even more peculiar is that the guy playing, if alone, is getting kicked by the bots, quite possibly to alleviate a report.

The community has not been silent about these intrusions. As many suggest, players have been actively reporting these incidents to Valve.

Valve faces increasing pressure to address this issue. Effective solutions could include enhanced detection of bot activities or revising the case drop system to deter exploitative practices.

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