The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Surpasses 19 Million Sales

Nintendo’s latest installment in The Legend of Zelda series is making headlines. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has reached an impressive milestone, with sales figures hitting the 19.5 million mark.

The sales update came as part of Nintendo’s regular financial reporting, where they dish out numbers and stats that give us a peek into how well their games and consoles are performing. This report covered up to the end of September, and it’s fair to say Tears of the Kingdom is doing more than just fine.

Looking back, we remember when Breath of the Wild took the gaming world by storm in 2017. It’s been a few years, but that title has sold 31.15 million units. Now, here comes its sequel, not just following in its footsteps but sprinting. In just four months after its release in May, Tears of the Kingdom has already bagged over half the lifetime sales of its predecessor. That’s no small feat!

Fans of Tears of the Kingdom have much to say about the game, and the numbers reflect their enthusiasm. It’s one of those games that hooks you in, keeps you coming back, and has a lot to do with why people love their Nintendo Switch. It’s been rated through the roof by players and critics alike, and it’s even in the running for the Game of the Year talk about a success story!

Nintendo has made it clear that unlike Breath of the Wild, which expanded its universe with DLC, Tears of the Kingdom is a complete experience with no additional downloadable content planned. Some might say that’s a bold move in today’s game market, where DLC is almost expected. But perhaps this shows the confidence Nintendo has in the completeness and quality of this title.

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