The Next Epic Games Store Free-to-Claim Titles Announced

If you’ve been watching the Epic Games Store, you’re in for a treat. Starting November 16th, two new games are hitting the shelves, and they won’t cost you a dime. For a whole week, you can grab Surviving the Aftermath and Earthlock for free.

Surviving the Aftermath

The world we know is a memory, and picking up the pieces’s up to you. It’s all about building a place to call home in a world that’s seen better days. You’re not just playing for kicks here; you’ve got to keep your people safe and make some tough calls to bring civilization back from the brink. The game mixes strategy, city building, and the need to think on your feet. Remember, in this game, it’s not just about surviving but figuring out how to thrive.


This one takes a page out of the ’90s RPG playbook, throwing you into a world called Umbra that’s stopped spinning. It’s up to you and a band of heroes to fix things up and fight off a looming evil. With turn-based battles and a ton of exploring, Earthlock gives you a hearty nod to the past with a fresh twist to keep things interesting.

So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. All you need is an Epic Games Store account, and these games are yours to keep as long as you claim them between November 16-23. Just remember to mark your calendars, because missing out on this would be a real bummer.

As we say goodbye to “Golden Light,” which you can still snatch up until November 16, these two games promise to keep you glued to your seat. “Golden Light” is all about those who love a good scare mixed with a laugh, making it a unique rogue-like experience.

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