Ubisoft Puts the Brakes on Far Cry 6 Updates

Ubisoft recently discontinued updates for its hit title, Far Cry 6. While the news might take aback many players, the company reassures its dedicated fanbase that the online components of the game will remain active.

Taking to social media, the Far Cry Twitter account conveyed the news with gratitude. “Thanks to the millions of players who joined the fight! Your adventures can continue in Yara without interruption of online services,” the tweet began. It then continued to inform fans about the decision, emphasizing, “the dev team will no longer be making updates to Far Cry 6.

The statement included a heartfelt thank-you to the gaming community, with a playful nod to the game’s popular canine companion, Chorizo, and the formidable antagonist, Anton Castillo. “We appreciate your passion, creativity, and love of Chorizo. Even Anton is proud!” the tweet concluded.

While updates for Far Cry 6 might have come to an end, this doesn’t mean Ubisoft is moving away from the franchise. Earlier press coverage has hinted at ongoing projects related to the series. Ubisoft appears to be in the initial stages of creating both Far Cry 7 and a distinct multiplayer Far Cry title.

Far Cry 7 is rumored to be in development using the Snowdrop engine, deviating from the Dunia engine that powered the latest games in the series. This could hint at a fresh approach and innovative gameplay elements. The upcoming multiplayer title, on the other hand, seems to promise an intriguing setting.

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