Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide DLC Promises New Surprises

Square Enix’s acclaimed title Final Fantasy 16 has already made waves in the gaming world, and it’s about to surge again with its upcoming second paid DLC, The Rising Tide, set for release in Spring 2024. Following the success of Echoes of the Fallen, this new addition dives into the enigmatic mystery of Leviathan, offering players a deepened narrative and enhanced gameplay experience.

In a revealing interview with Famitsu, echoed through a DeepL translation, “Echoes of the Fallen” director Takeo Kujiraoka delves into what fans can expect from The Rising Tide. The DLC, significantly meatier than its predecessor, is slated to provide around ten hours of additional gameplay. It introduces the mighty Leviathan as a new Eikon battle, a feature that has been a hallmark of the series’ rich lore.

The fascinating aspect of this DLC lies in its exploration of the mystery of Leviathan. This element has lingered in the backdrop for decades and is now brought to the forefront. Alongside this narrative expansion, players can anticipate new actions from the Eikon, ranging from traditional skills-boosting abilities to innovative mechanics influencing the summoner’s mobility.

Turning to the technical side, the developers have shared insights about the game’s PC version. While eager fans are advised to await further details regarding the release date, producer Naoki Yoshida has emphasized the importance of having an SSD for the optimal gaming experience. Yoshida explains the necessity of an SSD due to the game’s heavy reliance on loading speeds, a crucial element for maintaining the immersive experience for which Final Fantasy 16 is known.

Final Fantasy 16 is available exclusively on PS5, with this window closing on December 31st, 2023. As for future developments, including sequels or spin-offs, Yoshida mentioned that there are no immediate plans, given that the development team has dispersed to work on other projects. However, nothing is set in stone in the ever-evolving world of gaming.

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