PDP Hints at Fresh Guitar Controller Line-Up Post Fortnite’s Musical Mode Debut

The known peripheral maker PDP has hinted at a comeback that strikes a chord with music game fans. After halting production years ago, which led to their controllers becoming rare treasures in the secondary market, PDP is now tuning up to launch new guitar controllers in January 2024.

This move comes in harmony with the introduction of Fortnite Festival mode, a vibrant new addition to the Fortnite universe, developed by Harmonix under the Epic Games umbrella. Fortnite Festival mode offers players a virtual stage to jam with friends or solo to hits from popular artists. Currently, while the mode doesn’t support guitar controllers, Epic has announced plans to sync up this feature next year, promising a more immersive experience.

For now, those eager to strum away on their guitar controllers can do so on PC, albeit with limited functionality. Without the strumming feature, the guitar controllers are effectively a new set of buttons, but the promise of full guitar functionality has fans buzzing with anticipation.

PDP’s tease, accompanied by emojis linked to Fortnite Festival, strikes a hopeful note for an enhanced music experience that’s arguably around the corner.

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