Palworld players find clever way to beat Mammorest Boss

In Palworld, defeating Mammorest, the King of the Forest, is a tough challenge. This Boss has over 4,200 HP, is at level 38, and is weak to fire. The video below shows a group of players, all under level 15, taking on this formidable Boss. What they lack in level, they make up for in determination and a smart strategy.

The Video Gamers Podcast team tried to beat Mammorest, but they were only doing 1 damage per hit. They came up with a clever idea, using campfires in the fight. They set up 20 campfires around the Boss, which took them only 5 minutes and also used their Pals in the battle. This unique approach worked, and they eventually defeated Mammorest.

Watch the epic battle below.

This shows that in Palworld, teamwork and thinking outside the box are key. Using campfires against Mammorest proves that even lower-level players can beat tough bosses with the right strategy.

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