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Pokémon GO 57th minute Daily Incense trick for Galarian Birds, Fact or Myth?

Trainers, there’s a new trick in Pokémon GO, suggesting that using Daily Incense at the 57th minute of any hour might lead to encounters with the Galarian Birds. We gave this trick a shot, and it didn’t work for us.

The Daily Adventure Incense is the only way to find Galarian Birds in Pokémon GO. This feature allows players a free 15-minute use of the Incense each day. While it works like standard Incense, it also has the potential to attract special Pokémon, like the Galarian Birds.

It’s unclear how often these Legendary Pokémon appear during the Incense, but they are known to be very rare. Spotting one in the wild is a rare event in itself, and catching one is even harder due to their high tendency to flee.

Like in many other games, Pokémon GO has its share of tricks for getting ahead without spending PokéCoins. The 57th-minute Daily Incense is one such trick. Some players, following a tip from a Pokémon GO Reddit thread, tried this and reported a Galarian Moltres appearing on their map.

So I seen someone mention to try using your daily incense at XX:57 o’clock for better chances at the birds, and my first spawn was one.
byu/AllEyezOnMe05 inpokemongo

It’s important to note that this trick doesn’t guarantee a Galarian Bird will spawn, it might just increase your chances. The player encountered a Galarian Moltres using this trick but didn’t catch it with an Ultra Ball. For better odds, you might want to consider using a Master Ball next time. Trust me, it won’t flee this time.

Feel free to give this trick a shot. It didn’t work out for us, but who knows, you might have better luck on your side.

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