Palworld Players can Fast Stack and Repair All using R

Now that some time has passed, it is safe to say that Palworld players are slowly (or not) learning the tricks in the game.

By now, you should know that Palworld is probably the most-talked-about game, and it is also a game that has broken some very important records. It has an insanely huge fanbase, and the most interesting part of Palworld is its Pals. Now, more than 100 Pals are available to use as fighters, builders, or cozy meals. Yup, I will never let this rest. Palworld players can use their Pals to eat them. Well, this is only done in extreme conditions, or so I wish to think.

A fellow user going by the name u/Weebsaika over at Reddit has shared some quite useful information with the rest of the community. By the looks of it, this “trick” is very helpful to all active players in Palworld.

The user states that after more than 100 hours they have finally realized that they can repair all by pressing R while using the repair bench. What the user didn’t know is that most players didn’t know this.

Soon enough, a conversation started, and it is safe to say that I have learned two things, that are probably going to help tremendously in my gameplay, and that is that R can fast stack from your inventory to storage and that the same R in repair bench can be used to repair everything at once. Fun stuff.

This is for PC users though. But fear not, the Palworld community discovered that there is a way to repair all, and that is apparently done with Y, and to fast stack is RB.

Yeah so after more than 100 hours…i realize i can repair all by pressing R while using the repair bench…
byu/Weebsaika inPalworld

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