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Pokemon Go Koraidon and Miraidon Debut is Imminent, All Signs Point to Their Arrival

Trainers due to some recent changes in the GM file along with reports of Koraidon and Miraidon making appearances in different Pokemon games, as well as making their appearance on McDonald’s promo only in Japan, we expect to see them making their debut in Pokemon Go soon.

Koraidon and Miraidon come from the Paldea region, and they are both Legendary Dragon Pokemon. Koraidon is a Fighting, Dragon-type Pokemon with five different forms. The forms include Limited Build, Sprinting Build, Swimming Build, Gliding Build, and Apex Build. Miraidon, also known as the Iron Serpent, is an Electric, Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon, and it’s the mascot Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Violet.

Now let’s continue with the speculation and see the signs.

First on the list is the McDonald’s promo. Pokemon and McDonald’s collaborations are well-known and loved by the community, as they always have something new to offer. This time they have new toys with the McDonald’s Happy Meal. First, they teased Espurr, Pikachu, Piplup, and Milcery, and they are now teasing the Koraidon and Miraidon Happy Meal promo. Please have in mind the McDonald’s Happy Meal featuring Espurr, Pikachu, Piplup, Milcery, Koraidon, and Miraidon is only for Japan.

Next is the Koraidon and Miraidon Dragon Battle event in Pokemon Unite, which will start on February 25, 2024, two days before Pokemon Day.

The GM file has also recently added Koraidon’s moves, and the Dragons Unleashed event in Pokemon Go is ahead of us.

Niantic and Pokemon Go celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a special in-game event called Dragons Unleashed. The Lunar New Year: Dragons Unleashed event is scheduled to run from February 5 to February 11, 2024. We have to say, this looks like the right event to introduce the new Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon.

Also, there is the Go Battle Day that has been announced for February 10, 2024, during the Year of the Dragon. This also seems like a perfect event for the introduction of the new Legendary Pokemon.

Keep in mind this is just our speculation and nothing has been confirmed 100% yet. Everything indicates at a Koraidon and Miraidon introduction in Pokemon Go so let’s see if that turns out to be true.

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