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Pokemon Go Player Shares How They Caught 350 Perfect IV Pokemon, Mostly Through Wild Encounters with Regular PokeBalls

Trainers, catching Hundo Pokemon in Pokemon Go is not an easy task. These Pokemon are very rare and if you look at the numbers below, you will agree too.

A Pokemon Go player posted an analysis on Reddit, in which they nicely explained how many Hundo Pokemon they caught, and how they caught them.

The player who shared the analysis is a Level 50 Pokemon Go player who has been playing Pokemon Go since its launch. The player has caught more than 319,000 Pokemon since 2016, with only 350 Hundo Pokemon in the Pokedex.

But before we see the analysis, and how most Hundo Pokemon were caught, let’s refresh our memory about Hundo Pokemon. Hundo is simply a Pokemon with perfect 100% IV. Any Pokemon that has three full bars of HP, Attack, and Defense when you appraise it becomes a Hundo. If this Pokemon is shiny, then it is called Shundo.

According to the player’s collected data, most of the Hundo Pokemon in his Pokedex are caught in the wild, using the normal, red PokeBalls. In second place comes the Trade feature as a more reliable variant for Hundo Pokemon. The third way shows that Field Research tasks have a higher chance of Hundo Pokemon.

The player also shared numbers from Egg hatches, Timed Research, Grunts, GBL, and Raids, but the numbers are significantly lower.

Data showing how my 350 Hundo Pokemon were obtained. I’m a level 50 trainer with 319,419 Pokemon caught. This is the only mobile game I’ve played since 2016; I’ve never played any Pokemon MSGs nor watched the anime. (AMA about my account, if you’d like)
byu/TofuVicGaming inTheSilphRoad

How many Hundo Pokemon do you have so far? We would like to see your numbers, so please let us know in the comments below.

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