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Missed XP in Pokémon Go? Niantic’s Stance on Friends Removing You

Trainers, the player who got 0 XP and +0 XP has an update on the whole situation. The Pokémon Go player contacted Niantic and the response they received did not change anything. We said that this problem must be solved so that both sides benefit.

ChrisSOAD had a bad experience with another Pokémon Go player when the other side deleted Chris from the friends list, and he didn’t get any XP. ChrisSOAD and Rikoswaveh were Best Friends, at least that’s what Chris thought, and when they exchanged Gifts, Rikoswaveh unfriended Chris, and Chris got 0 XP.

The interesting thing here is that if you use the new QoL button ‘Use Lucky Egg,’ you will get +0 XP.

ChrisSOAD, not wanting to walk away empty-handed from this whole situation, decided to contact Niantic, only to have them confirm that there is no ‘cure’ for this, and that’s how the game works.

Here is the response from Niantic:

Sorry to hear that you received 0 XP after becoming Best Friends status with your Friend. If your friend removed you from their account before the XP was added, then you will not receive the XP reward for making progress toward the Friendship Level. You can try to add the same friend back to check if you can get the XP.”

Update on the 0 Exp
byu/ChrisSOAD inpokemongo

We really don’t understand why both sides don’t get the XP they should in this situation. Actually, the one who befriends the other should get 0 XP and not the other way around.

What’s your take on this? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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