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Niantic eliminates gender options from Pokémon GO

There isn’t a day where Trainers have no drama with Pokémon GO, and this day is no exception.

Some time before Pokémon GO underwent a “big” update, as part of the Rediscover GO updates that are supposed to reinvent the game, make it better and more interesting. We know that some things will change, but we didn’t expect for this Avatar thing to change.

As I said, as part of the Rediscover GO updates, we had the first update, and it was targeted towards Avatar customization options, which gave Trainers more liberty to style their Avatars. However, Trainers don’t have the liberty to choose genders, it seems. Not even a custom option. Nothing.

Well, from the removal of the gender option, another problem rose to the surface, clothes. The clothing is all messed up right now, because they were made for the previous body options, not for the new ones. They are designed based on gender, just as Niantic states.

It is supposed to change the way we view Pokémon GO, but not like this. There are three more updates left, so we will see how things will change.

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