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Pokemon Go AR Fast Catching is Gone, Players are Not Happy with the Changes, Many say they will Stop Playing

Trainers, April has begun, and just when we thought nothing unexpected would happen, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced that they are making changes to AR mode, forcing AR to be AR+. Many players took to social media about this and gave their opinions. Of course, there are very few positive comments, while many say this is the final nail in the coffin.

Niantic and Pokemon Go changed the regular AR mode to AR+, and you no longer have the option to toggle between AR and AR+ for catching Pokemon. This option was used by many players, but now we have to say goodbye to it. Yes, that’s right, AR fast-catching is no longer a thing.

These changes, and updates, made by Niantic and Pokemon Go are completely unnecessary. First, changes with the duration of Community Days from 6 to 3 hours, then Remote Raids, they also removed the Weekly 1 Coin Box, and now this.

Many other changes are not mentioned here that have negatively affected gameplay and the Pokemon Go community as a whole.

Here are some comments from the Pokemon Go community.

Comments from the Pokemon Go Community Regarding the AR Changes

You took away our raiding, you took away our expanded gifting, you take away any QoL feature that people enjoy and can’t patch game breaking issues. And now the final nail by forcing AR to be AR+. Today is my final day of Pogo, until AR returns to normal.”

Please give us back the option to toggle between AR and AR+ for catching Pokemon!

I’m confused, why has my Pokémon Go app suddenly lost regular AR mode? I can only have AR+ or no AR at all. Where has the regular AR setting/option gone and if you’ve removed it can you please put it back. I like AR but not AR+.”

What are your thoughts on the changes in AR mode? We want to hear more from you, so please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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