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Robocraft 8 vs 8 Brawl Update Is Now Live

Robocraft’s Elimination Battlegrounds just got a new update. This update will now change the previous 5 vs 5, to 8 vs 8 brawl.

Elimination Battlegrounds will still have the classic Elimination rules, except the new maps and extra robots.

robocraft 8 vs 8 brawl update

Also, there are some gameplay improvements, bug fixes and changes in the Brawl Rules. The Game Mode is Elimination, on all maps, with 16 players or 8 vs 8. The players don’t have any restriction of the weapon use, so you can use all weapons and movement parts.

There are no “special rules”, so relax, log in and have fun. In addition to this, there is a bonus as follows, 2x XP and an extra crate.

These are the most important things with this update. To see the full patch notes, keep on reading and find out more.

Robocraft Brawl Update Changes

Here is the list of bug fixes and other changes.

-Capture points – Sync up more closely to the capture point geometry.

-Minor translation improvements in the main menu

-Removed small hiding spot by the nose of the spacecraft on the Vanguard’s End map which small bots could manipulate for protection.

-Updated collision geometry for the crashed spaceship on Vanguard’s End to minimize the ability of smaller robots to hide between the ship’s different wall layers.

-Made the Carbon 6 branding on the Sprinter Leg a brighter shade, so it is easier to see when players change the component’s color.

-More EXP sticker placement optimized for multiple languages.

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